Seaside Fun at Whitby

I thought I would take a break from the Olympic madness and write about our trip to Whitby this week.

Although we did have second thoughts about going on account of how grim the weather was looking when we set off from Leeds. By the time we got there the sun was out in full force.

First thing we did was get some fish and chips, although there are more Fish and Chips shops to shake your stick at, we always either go to the Magpie or the Quayside, which is where we went on this occasion.

Disaster struck though when a seagull swooped down and grabbed most of my fish. I kid you not, the bird was huge.


Bit on the side is from the OH

What little was left of my fish I ate and it was lovely as ever but, I do sometimes wish that there was somewhere that did Fish and Chips with a twist, lucky for me there is a great place to get that in Leeds.

We also visited a loverly ice cream parlor called Teare Woods, which is situated on the Whitby harbour. After the rather disappointing ice creams we had in the morning, I opted for a cream tea, the other half went for the chocolate ice cream Sundae.

As soon as it was brought to the table I knew I had made the wrong choice. This was no ordinary ice cream it was gloriously soft and flavorsome and you could easily tell that a lot of thought had been but into making it.

Talking to one of the ladies in the store, she explained that the ice cream made with fresh milk from their Jersey cows (which I milked twice daily), pasteurised at the back of the shop and then made into the ice cream, which was the reason for the soft peaks and unusual varieties that was on offer.

I had a mini sample of the Lemon Meringue and mango and passion fruit ice creams. They came in the cutest little cones.


How cute are these?

All the cakes in the store are homemade, as was my scone. It had a crumbly consistency and a brown sugar crust.

We took a piece of Lemon and Ginger cheesecake home with us. One things for sure if we lived closer to Whitby we would be back there in a shot.

Teare Woods
9 St Annes Staith,
North Yorkshire,
yo21 3pw

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