Wedding cake for a friend

My Friend got married last year and for her wedding present I decided to make her a wedding cake.

In a week that consisted of me planning and running a brownie pack holiday, getting ready for a trip to Mexico and setting up an event at the NEC for work, making a three tier wedding cake as well may have not been one of my best ideas.

Saying that, never let it be said that I don’t love a challenge.

This was my second wedding cake, the first was for my Mum and was under the close supervision of my step dad, that time I was using fruit cake as a base which gives you more time when you come to ice the cake. Although I was happy with the end result at the time, I have to admit I hate fruit cake, so was glad when Liz opted for sponge.

Having done some research on the internet, and had a really confusing conversation with a local cake shop near my house, I found myself in Garforth at what can only be described as a cake decorators’ utopia.

There I met a wonderful lady who helped me get everything I needed and off I went. The cake recipe was from BBC Good Food magazine- their Easy vanilla sponge recipe.

Monday night: I baked the bottom layer on its own first and then the other two layers together as they more or less had the same cooking time.

Whilst cooling the vanilla syrup was poured over each layer, left to cool and then placed in the fridge.

Tuesday, early morning: Each layer had to be cut into three, so out I came with the knife sharpener and a prayer as I cut into each layer. One side was covered with buttercream and the other with jam. The layers were then re-assembled.

I have to admit that they all turned out ok. I covered them all in Apricot jam, popped them back in the fridge and off to work I went.

Tuesday afternoon: All layers were covered with butter cream when I got in. I later on in the night I rolled out fondant, covered and smoothed the cakes. Happy that the hard work was over (more or less) went to bed.

Wednesday night: Liz wanted her cake to have bunting so, I coloured three blocks of icing and cut strips to make triangles. Using an icing sugar glue I pasted these to the sides of each tier.


Thursday: Cake placed in the car and given to one happy bride.

Don’t think I’m ready to give up the day job just yet but I really loved making this wedding cake, so much so I’m going to be making my own for my wedding.

If you are in the Leeds area and want to have a go at making a similar cake I can’t recommend Sugarcraft supplies enough. They were so helpful and I could not have done this without them, the link is below.

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  • Liz Taylor

    This was the most lovely tasting cake ever and there was plenty to share with all my friends and family. It was perfectly moist and not overly sweet. Just dreamy. Thank you Rebecca so much for our wedding gift, we loved it! xxx