My wedding day the foodie bits

Over four months ago I got married, what I have learnt from the whole experience is that recommendations are so important. I had a lot of help in the form of twitter which helped me to find the right photographers for us York Place Studios.

I have used some of the photos in this post, but it does not do justice to the work that they produced, we even got a small film of the day as well !

Anyway here are some of my favourite homemade foodie elements from the day.


Having looked at a variety of things to do as favours, nothing seemed right. We had a very loose Mexican theme for the reception so, when my husband came up the novel idea of making hot sauces I thought it was perfect. What we forgot was that in order to ensure that the sauces tasted right we would have to do a lot of tasting, this process did leave our mouths numb for about a week though.

I researched getting bottles, lids and looked to the internet for some sauce inspiration, we stumbled across a website called Mex Grocer which stocked dried chipotle. Chipotle chilies are not the hottest ones you can buy but they have a really distinctive smoky flavour, our sauce had a little bit of reposado tequila added at the end which gave it an extra smokiness.

I love the taste of scotch bonnet peppers, they look so innocent but really pack a punch, I wanted to pair it with something fruity and having tried a variety of fruit we settled on mango.

The sweet chilli sauce went terribly wrong the first time round as I used too many dried chillies and did not boil the mixture down enough before I added the sugar. Second time round this was rectified but I was not really happy with the consistency.

Homemade Hot sauce

The label design was created by my husband and we got a local company, Davenport printers to do a small print run for us.

We are still getting rave reviews about the sauces and I’m pretty convinced there’s a business idea in there.

Watch this space.

For the kids, I had an idea of making piñata cookies, filled with candy. It was really hard to find a piñata cutter and I ended up buying one from the states. Due to the fact that I had to make the wedding cake in the same week, the cookies did not turn out exactly how I wanted them too. Still, they tasted great and were popular with kids and adults alike.


Wedding cake

Some girls dream about ‘the dress’ but, for me it was always about the cake. I wanted to make sure the cake that my husband and I cut into was one made by my own fair hands.

I really wanted to make a cake covered fondant, however, seeing that my husband hates the stuff I decided to make my cake out of the one thing that I know my husband loves. Chocolate !

The final cake was inspired by Lorraine Pascale’s ‘I can’t believe you made that cake’. The base of the cake was made from dark chocolate, which then was filled with milk chocolate buttercream and covered with white chocolate ganache and chocolate cigarillos.

The cake was then decorated with winter fruits (by my bridesmaids), it was perfect.

white chocolate wedding cake

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