Sushi has to be one of my lunchtime staples, I love the stuff, and would happily eat it everyday. For me (maybe not my bank balance) and many others in the office where I work, the news that Wasabi was opening was of great comfort to us all.

I was lucky enough to get a yearโ€™s worth of sushi*. The only issue was that I queued for so long I had to go back to the office empty handed ๐Ÿ™

Anyway today I was determined to get my sushi fix.

At lunchtimes establishments in town are herding people through as fast as they can, all tills are open and staff can be seen doing everything they can to get people through the tills.

Unfortunately, this was not the case at Wasabi. As nice as the store is, the queuing system is so confusing. The food menu is unhelpfully placed by the tills so if you don’t know what you want, you end up getting evils from customers thinking that you are trying to push in.

What is needed is a massive sign that says ‘Queue here for food to go’ as, many customers were in the hot food queue as it was next to the fridge.

The hot food did not look that appealing at all, not sure if itโ€™s the lights used to keep the food warm but the chicken katsu looked really dry and the salmon looked a bit burnt and tired.

Major confusion on what to do with the free sushi card resulted in me waiting another ten minutes until someone knew what to put this through as on the till. Surely if you gave away over 100 of the things you would assume that customers would be using them from time to time.

Back at my desk I realised that the ginger and wasabi that I thought I had purchased was not in my bag. Luckily for me I have my own supplies ๐Ÿ™‚

lunch at wasabi

I opted for a chicken gyoza and fried prawn, these were ok but not worth queuing for. The bubble tea, which I have not had since Hong Kong was amazing. The little pearls of tapioca gives the drink an interesting texture that just works.

The Californian hand roll is packaged in such a way as to not get the seaweed wet, this was entertaining as it appealed to my soggy food complex (long story).

sushi roll

The spicy salmon gunkan had the right amount of spice (once you added a bit of wasabi to it).

Wasabi desperately needs to work on its service and, come up with an effective way to manage customers during the peak lunch times.

Hopefully this will happen before too many customers are put off and go elsewhere.

*The card entitles the user to ยฃ10 worth of sushi each month for a year.

Leeds Albion St Branch
Unit 202, 9a, Albion Street, Leeds Trinity S.C,
LS1 5AY, Leeds

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  • Kayan

    Agree with you there there, very awkward queuing system. Been there for lunch yesterday and I bought chicken katysu salad and lychee bubble drink and they are gorgeous!! For one minute, I though I am back in HK again ๐Ÿ™‚ I would love to go there everyday if they r a bit cheaper so planning to go there once a month.

    • Rebecca

      Loved the bubble drink too! Was so nice. The ‘to go’ food was really a highlight. They need to work on the service as compared to other establishments they are on the high side for lunch. Planning to go back next month to see if anything has changed. Will keep you posted.