Twisted Burger- Leeds

Who doesn’t love a good burger ?

With so many places open in Leeds and the likes of Meat Liquor and Byron coming soon it makes me wonder why people still end up going to Burger King and Maccy D’s?…

Now, I would not say that I am some sort of ‘Burger connoisseur’, my rule of thumb is pretty simple, good meat, good bread and a range of interesting toppings.

The Twisted Burger company has operated out of the Harley kitchen in Sheffield since January 2011. Their new residency at the Aire bar in Leeds will be its first outside of their home city.

Aire bar is situated on the river Aire (funnily enough…) so if you get in quick you can nab the tables outside and enjoy a couple of rays of sun with your tea.

twisted burger logo

I have always loved this part of town so I was glad to pop down after work with my friend and sample some burgers.

There are eight burgers to choose from and a customise your burger option where you can add extra meat, sauce or other bits and pieces.

When I first went to Twisted Burger I had the chicken burger (Holy Cluck), this is made from chicken thigh and chicken pate. I can’t stand chicken breast burgers so absolutely I loved it, however on the table where I was sitting it had mixed reviews.

This time I went for the ‘This is hardcore’. A double beef patty, deep fried jalapeños and Nduja sausage smothered in a homemade hot hot sauce.

This is hardcore burger

My dinner companion went for the ‘Drop dead double stuffed falaf-hell burger’. Which was made Falafel patty aubergine and a homemade sweet chilli and lime sauce which she opted to go on the side.

We shared some deep fried jalapeños and a large portion of sweet potato chips.

The burgers were a good size, and the soft brioche buns were an absolute winner. The hardcore burger just took me to the edge of chilli ‘heat’ that I could manage comfortably, it had a a nice fruity edge to it that really complemented the Nduja sausage. The only downer would be that I prefer my burger patty a bit thicker.

The sweet chilli sauce that came with the ‘Falaf-hell’ burger had a nice syrupy consistency, not like the stuff that you get out of the bottle, we used most of it for dipping the chips in.

‘Drop dead double stuffed falaf-hell burger

The burger itself was interesting and I could see me (as a hardened meat eater) enjoying it as a change.

The deep fried jalapeños were addictive, I would have preferred the cheese sauce to have a bit more cheesiness to it. Maybe it was because it was warm but it really could have done with a bit of a kick to bring out the heat of the chilies.

deep fried jalapeños

We had absolutely stuffed ourselves, so much so we did not have space for dessert, but there is always next time.

A really enjoyed the food at Twisted burger, and with burgers starting at the £5.50 mark they are on average with most burger joints in town. The location of the bar is perfect for afterwork drinks in the sun as well !

Twisted Burger Company
Aire bar
32-34 the Calls

    Disclaimer I was invited to come down to try Twisted burger for free, however all the opinions contained in this blog post are my own.
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