Twisted Burger at Jake’s Bar

If there’s one thing we have a lot of in Leeds, it’s burger joints. There seems to be a new one popping up every minute! The Other Half and I went to one such establishment, last week after work.

When Twisted Burger had its residency at Aire Bar last year, there seemed to be an even split of people who loved it and those that felt there was better elsewhere.

I was eager to see what they had in store for their second residency in Leeds – at Jake’s bar.

If I’m honest I didn’t even know Jake’s Bar had a kitchen, let alone a menu. For me it’s somewhere I end up on a night out due to its location at the top of Call Lane. It’s easy for me to get a taxi home…

… ok, maybe I mean the last bus!

The menu was smaller than the one that was at Aire Bar however, this made it easier to pick what we wanted. Classics like the Notorious P.I.G and the Falaf-Hell burgers were still there, along with new additions such as the Limp Brizket.


I went for the Holy Cluck (an old classic) whist the Other Half opted for the Limp Brizket. With the absence of sweet potatoes fries we may have gone a little crazy with the side orders.

The beef patties in the Limp Brizket were slightly pink so the burger retained its moisture, the mix of shredded brisket and American cheese added to the texture of the burger but did it not leave falling apart after the second bite (bearing in mind we did cut both burgers in half as well).

Both the Other Half and I said that we would have preferred the Limp Brizket to have more of a kick to it. (Saying that we have been practically drinking hot sauce for the last few months).

My Holy Cluck was delicious, I don’t usually like chicken burgers but as the patties are made using thigh meat, it doesn’t have that dry powdery texture you get from most chicken burgers.

The sides, what can I say, as soon as they came we knew we’d over-ordered, didn’t stop us demolishing them though !



Though the mix of the cheese and brisket and mustard was delicious on the Macho Manchego Fries, however the addition of gravy made the dish a tad too wet for me.

The highlight for both of us was the Jalapeño Business Fries, which were spicy, cheesy and covered in guacamole and sour cream, What’s not to love !

Twisted Burger at Jake’s Bar is in a good location, is reasonably priced (compared with other burger places around that side of Leeds) and the menu is compact (there is also a special of the week if you’re looking for something a bit different).

Having the option of a decent cocktail is also a major plus. (Did you know Jake’s Bar has its own distillery?)

As I was driving on this occasion I could not partake in one this time.

Now that’s an excuse to have to come back soon!

Jake’s Bar,
29 Call Lane,
West Yorkshire,

  • Disclaimer I was invited for dinner at Jakes’s Bar however, all the opinions contained in this blog post are my own.