Trinity Kitchen for January


The monthly change of street food vendors is really adding a buzz to Leeds Trinity Kitchen. Since opening last year, I can not count the amount of times I have popped here for lunch as there is something for everyone.

For this month, well just under six weeks, there is a good mix of new and well established favourites. Here’s the Really Nice Food’s low down of where you need to try.

Original Fry up Material

Original Fry up

OFM as they are known by the cool kids, started out serving breakfast muffins to the masses in London (Think the Mc Muffin pimped up with with a homemade sausage and distinguishable other parts).  They also use a secret breakfast sauce that replicates the flavours of a big breakfast.

Off the back of this success, they then moved into burgers. The blue burger I sampled was perfect and was by far the best I have tried in a long time.

Small and compact, the beef pattie which, is made up of four different cuts is served medium rare and cooked to order. The toasted brioche bun, sourced from Barnsley keeps the whole burger together. The photo shows you all you need to know.

Blue burger

Manjit’s Kitchen

Manjit's kitchen

The Leeds favourite for veggies and meat lovers to be fair, Manjit’s Kitchen has come back for another round at Trinity Kitchen.

When I heard that Manjit’s Kitchen was coming back I hoped that this would mean the return of the Chili Panner Wrap (#MKCPW to those in the know) I was not disappointed !

Chili Paneer Wrap, ready to eat.

Chili Paneer Wrap, ready to eat.

Magnificent  Milkshake company

Marvellous Milkshake

If you’re looking for blended cookies with ice cream this is not the place for you ! Based on seven different classic desserts there is something for everyone.

creme b milkshake

I especially loved the Creme Brûlée, being my favourite dessert, the milkshake version is made with vanilla ice cream and custard blended and served with golden shards of burnt sugar and whipped cream.

The Marvellous Tea shed

Tea shed

Bringing the glamour to sheds everywhere the Marvellous Tea Shed is back with their glittery tea time treats. Served on vintage china, make sure you go for a piece of Victoria sponge washed down with a cup of tea Yorkshire’s finest.


Yu Kyu

Yu Kyu is London’s first Japanese Tonkatsu mobile street food van and was the Other Half’s favourite (the only reason he came along with me).


Tonkatsu is traditionally made from pork which is then covered in panko breadcrumbs but XX also serves a version with chicken.


Yuki has also adapted his menu to the street food market creating several dishes served in buns so they can be eaten on the go instead of rice.

Sweet potatoes

The sweet potatoes chips served with a sweet soy glaze is a western version of Daigaku Imo, a street food snack which is very popular with Japanese students.

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