To Cook List

I have to admit over the last couple of months I have fallen into a bit of a foodie rut whereby instead of trying new dishes I am sticking to old favourites and dishes I know are going to be crowd pleasers.

@foodblog mentioned in one of her tweets about having a ‘To cook’ list and that got me thinking……

I love a good ‘to do’ list, I think it has something to do with the feeling you get when you can cross things off, so a  ‘To cook’ list of everything I would love to cook would really get me inspired.

At first I did not know where to start with this. I went to the cupboard and dragged out all the back issues I have of my favourite foodie magazines.

My initial idea was to start cutting out recipes but about ten magazines in I knew that that was not going to work (I am a hoarder by heart; I get it from my grandma).

The dishes that I have shortlisted are not necessarily hard or pretentious, to get on the list the recipe it just had to catch my eye as something that I and my friends would enjoy eating (something that we would be able to give the ‘Reallynicefood’ stamp to).

The big find for me has to be all the vegetarian dishes I discovered as it is  an area of cooking that I don’t venture into enough.

Anyway, now I am in the process of compileing my ultimate ‘To cook list’ so, if you have any dishes you think  should be on there, send me a tweet. I have to admit I cant wait to start cooking !

Once the list is compiled, I will upload it onto my blog and keep you updated on my progress.

Wish me luck !

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  • Can’t wait to see the compiled list and progress. Great plan!