The Old Peacock

Sunday lunch is one of the best meals of the week by far.

For me, nothing beats a good joint of meat cooked perfectly, served with a huge Yorkshire pudding, crispy potatoes and a good gravy (other veg are optional).

The only issue is once you have that ‘Sunday roast picture’ in your head at 2 in the afternoon on a Sunday, with no shopping in, there is only one thing left to do.

The Other Half and I were in this predicament a week ago, having spent the day painting and going to IKEA. On the way back we went to the Old Peacock to sample their Sunday lunch.

The restaurant area is situated to the back and has huge windows looking out to the garden at the back. The kitchen is open plan so the smells of sunday roasts were oozing around and making my belly rumble.

Old Peacock bar and interior

For the starters, I had the Salmon mousse and the Other Half went for the BBQ Chicken wings.

The moose was the highlight of the starters with its smooth texture and fresh lemon juice and zest running through it.

Salmon moose

I always order pork for Sunday lunch as long as it’s and served with cracking, which was the case at the Old Peacock.

The Other Half, not being a huge pork fan decided to go for the lamb.

My plate, was packed with a sizable slice of pork, with the crackling, crispy to the touch clinging to the side of the slice. I was impressed.

Pork dinner

The meat was well cooked and the crackling tasted as good as it looked, right amount of seasoning for me. The Other Half’s lamb was enjoyed by him (and not shared with me).

We ended a meal with a slice of aunty Doreen’s Baileys’ Chocolate Cheesecake, was delicious and seeing we had starters was the best way to end our meal.

Chocolate cheesecake

The Old Peacock was just undergone a massive refurbishment, being situated next to Leeds United’s Elland Road ground, the football memorabilia was subtle enough for us seeing we are not football fans.

Talking to the manager when we finished our meal we found out more about Ossett Brewery and the real ales that are served here. There seems to be a lot in the pipe works happening in the future such as meet the brewer nights.

But until then, we will be coming back for Sunday lunch soon.

the old peacock

Disclaimer: we were invited to the Old Peacock by their PR agency.The views contained in the piece are my own.

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