The Food Lover’s A to Z Guide Of Christmas Presents (Part two)


F is for Fera 


Simon Rogan’s restaurant Fera at Claridge’s was one of my most enjoyable restaurants visits this year. For this reason, it’s at the top of my list for anyone that’s looking to buy a foodie an extra special Christmas treat.

Fera is the perfect mix of glorious art deco and nature. The season and availability of ingredients, (many of which are grown on Simon’s farm in the Lake District) are the driving forces behind the dishes on the menu.

Opt for the tasting menu, I know that seven courses does sound daunting but it really showcases the ingredients that are on offer and will take you on a sensory adventure.

Inside fera

G is for Gin

For the Gin lover in your life, what better present than the gift of making their own personalised bottle!

The Ginstitute is based at the Portobello Star Bar- home of the gin with the same name. On the Gin blending experience you will learn about the history of Gin and the botanicals used in the process. Then all that’s left is for you to create your one of a kind bottle, sampling along the way (of course).

H is for Homage 2 Fromage membership

Cheese and wine, could there be any better food pairing ?

Homage 2 Fromage is a monthly meet-up of cheese lovers. At each event you get a chance to try a selection of cheeses depending on the month’s theme.

There are currently clubs in Leeds and Sheffield and tickets sell for £10, however as a member, you get discounted tickets for events and 10 per cent off cheese at the following places:


  • George & Joseph Cheesemongers – various farmer’s markets.
  • Cryer and Stott’s urban food hall Samuel Valentine in Allerton Bywater
  • Pookie and Grumps Horsforth
  • Millies, Leeds
  • Haley and Clifford, Roundhay
  • Cheese and Chutney, Saltaire.


  • Porterbrook Deii, Sharrowvale Road
  • Urban Pantry, Crookes
  • Cropwell Bishop Stilton

    I is for iPad kitchen stand and wand

    This handy tool offers your iPad a safe resting place and the wand means that you don’t have to get your sticky fingers all over the screen as well.

    I actually got this as a present last year and it has not left the kitchen. The Other Half’s concerned glances at the haphazard places my iPad used to end up are now a thing of the past.

    J is for juicer

    Two words January Detox, I do love a good juice diet however just having the odd juice now and again is a refreshing change from the commercial drinks that are out there.

    This Sage juicer would be my ideal pick as it effortlessly juices with very little fruit and veg prep.

    K is for KitchenAid

    This mixer is a little on the expensive side but is worth it as it will last you a lifetime. I brought mine when I was making my wedding cake as an investment and it was the best decision I ever made. Think of it this way, it the one you are buying for loves to bake this will only spur them on even more !

    When I got the KitchenAid the Other Half was not a fan, however he gets a fair use out of it too when he is making pizza dough or his legendary chocolate cookies.

    L is for Lake District

    Another long weekend trip away idea. It seems like every week there are deals to stay in the Lake District, as I write this post one has just popped into my inbox.

    The Lakes, for me has it all, long walks (Grasmere is perfect for this, make sure you pick up some of their legendary gingerbread), great food (Cartmel-the home of sticky toffee pudding and l’lenclume) and beautiful views (Lake Windermere).

    Local Deals

    Lake wall

    Next up, M to T

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