The Diner

You know what they say about the best laid plans….

Well, what was supposed to be an amazing trip down to London to see Buena Vista Social Club, planned months in advance turned into a bit of a nightmare.

The train journey that should have taken around two hours ended up taking eight and involved us taking three trains and walk a mile and a half in the rain.

The random discovery of a cool new street food vendor at KERB Kings Cross for lunch was replaced with a rather sad looking egg mayo sandwich from the cart that I shared with the Other Half.

Our dinner reservations came and went and in the end we only just made the concert. Afterwards we found ourselves wondering around Gloucester Road looking for somewhere to eat.

Then we saw the red neon ‘The Diner sign, it was like a beacon drawing us in.

The Diner

The restaurant is fully decked out in 1950’s gear and we were seated in one of their many booths and excitedly looked at the menu.

I had to go for the Oreo shake, a mix of malt, chocolate and vanilla ice cream with not a cookie in sight.

Served in a metal cup the shake had just the right smooth to thick consistency, I was half tempted to just devour it with the large spoon.

Oreo Milkshake

The Other Half went for a Hawaiian beer called Kona Longboard, the beer the very light with a sight spicy undertone.

He enjoyed it but did spend most of the time eyeing up my milkshake and in the end got one for himself as well.

Kona Longboard

I fancied something different and big so I picked one of the Diner’s signature burgers, The DCB (Diner Chicken Burger) a spiced buttermilk fried chicken breast fillet piled high with bacon, cheese and pickles all in a brioche bun.


The Other Half’s Picked the other signature burger, The Diablo. The burger pattie was made with four different cuts of beef and then topped with bacon, spicy mayo and cheese.

The Diablo

Both signature burgers were not for the faint hearted big, well cooked and delicious. Although great accompaniments, in hindsight ordering chilli and normal fries was a bit of a mistake as we were stuffed.

Chili Cheese Fries

Skinny diner fries

The whole experience was the perfect end to what had been a pretty awful journey down to London.

However, if the journey had been a non eventful one we would have never discovered this little gem.

You know what they say every cloud…

The Diner has seven locations in London, check out their site for more information:

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  • Precious White

    This looks like a fun place to eat.Will add to my places to go now. Thanks