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Now I love a love a bit of quirky eating and my visit to Teppan Two Sixty was one of those experiences, in a good way.Seeing my gym is in that vicinity, it made sense to pop in and have a look at what was on offer. Situated on the corner of Millennium Place in Leeds city centre, Teppan TwoSixty opened its doors last month.

At Teppan TwoSixty diners cook their main courses in a Teppan dish which is warmed to 260 degrees(thus the name).

As my guest and I arrived we were seated right by the window, perfect for people watching. We were told to grab the iPad under the table as the menu is displayed on there.

menu on iPad

Not only that, the waiter explained that we order on the iPad as well. It took a bit of getting used to, on account of the sun glare from the window and the fact the ordering system was a little glitchy.

The attention to detail however was brilliant. When we ordered our drinks the system prompted us for our preference of ice, lemon or lime in our drinks.

Both my guest and I also liked the fact that you could order at your leisure.

First up was the starters, I went for the Mieng Gai, as I can’t eat nuts I placed this in the preference box when I ordered. I did chicken out though, and asked the waiter to check if this had been noted, I was glad to find out that it had. To eat this dish you wrap the minced chicken in the betel leaves, it was very nice, albeit a tad on the small side.

Mieng Gai

My guest had the Salmon Tartare, it was a perfect dish for summer, we both liked the light mayo dressing, this worked perfectly with the fresh chives and iceberg lettuce.

salmon tartare

We then ordered our mains, each one comes with a choice of sides and sauces to choose from. I had the sliced Yorkshire beef (which came with the preference of having it sliced or not) and my guest had the salmon.


The dishes came to the table sizzling away, the idea is to cook it to your preference and then pour your sauce into the Teppan dish in order to cool down the dish so you can eat.

As I had the beef and like it on the rare side, I only turned it over slightly and then placed it on the potatoes to stop it from cooking. I did not add all the sauce as I did not want soggy potatoes.

My guest had the fish which took a bit longer to cook, the sauce really complemented the dish.

Fillet of Salmon

We decided to have the Portuguese egg tarts and Chocolate spring rolls. All desserts are made on site and we both loved the tarts. They were small and the pastry was deliciously buttery. We could have easily devoured them again.

Portuguese Egg Tarts

The chocolate spring rolls were a bit of a disappointment compared to the other dish as it really lacked flavour.

Chocolate Spring Rolls with ice cream

I love the concept of TeppanTwoSixty and would come back again, seeing that they have one of my Other Half’s favourite dishes.

I can see that this style of ordering would not be to everyone’s taste, but it really lends itself to the speed in which the food comes out making Teppan TwoSixty an ideal choice for a quick lunch.

Having said that, after dinner we did have a couple more drinks.

Teppan TwoSixty
6 Millennium Square
Great George Street

  • Disclaimer I was invited to come down by the PR agency working on behalf of Teppan TwoSixty. All the opinions contained in this blog post are my own.

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