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Meat free Mondays, everyone should try it once in a while.

Not being a vegetarian and appreciating that sometimes a bland mushroom risotto doesn’t cut it I am always eager to sample the meat free delights Leeds has to offer.

Bundobust has been on my list of places to try since it opened last July, This month they have added a selection of new dishes to their menu.

Bundobust is located on Mill Hill, a stone throw from to the train station, the wooden sign stands out from the other restaurants on this parade.


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Vegetarian dining at Prashad

I have been wanting to go to Prashad since I first heard about the restaurant on Gordon Ramsay’s The ‘f’ Word (Can you believe that was nearly four years ago ??).

Prashad has gone from strength to strength, specialising in creating a 100 per cent vegetarian indian feast for all of their customers who, keep coming back for more.

Gordon Ramsay "F" word

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Meatless wonders

I have often wondered if I could be a vegetarian again. When I was younger I when through a phase of not eating meat. I can’t really remember the reason why (I am sure my Mum might, and if you do Mum can you leave the answer in the comment box).

Anyway the phase was short lived and its’ lasting memory is the love I have for cheese now.

The Meat Free March Recipe Swap seemed like a good opportunity to flex my veggie skills and help Becs of Bits and Bobs Becs – and Fay of Food Fables Both have  not only set this recipe swap but  are doing a meat free month challenge themselves.

Everyone involved in the swap had to send a veggie recipe to the blogger we were swapping with and send them a few ingredients to help them on their way.

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