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It really doesn’t feel like it was nine years ago when Thomasina Miers (Tommi, as she prefers to be called) won Masterchef.

Back in 2005, mainstream Mexican food consisted of beige soggy nachos and fajitas. When the first Wahaca opened its doors in Covent Garden, in terms of alternative international cuisines, Nandos was a relatively new concept in the UK but was expanding at a fast rate.

Wachaca now has 12 restaurants in London and with the constant rumours of an expansion to the north, we had to pay Wahaca a visit.

Since our first holiday to Mexico we have been massive fans of the food, especially the street food we sampled in Playa del Carmen. Neon pink onions, fresh salsas made with tomatillos, tangy guacamole, lobster tostadas and amazing sipping Tequilas.

chicken Mole

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Cielo Blanco

I love Mexican food, so the launch of Cielo Blanco was much anticipated in our household. So, when our planned event on this particular night fell flat we decided to go.

Cielo Blanco is jammed packed with Mexican memorabilia that far surpasses the generic sombrero. It is clear to see there had been a lot of thought put into the Mexico they  wanted to portray. The history, culture vibrancy traditions and colour.


Cielo Blanco has a ‘no booking’ policy. I’m not totally against this but it does mean you have to be realistic with your timings.

We were told there would be a 20 minute wait in the end our wait was more like 50 miuntes.

If we were told this when we first arrived would we have stayed? Probably, but I think we would have had a wonder around Trinity instead of staying outside.

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Excellence Riviera Cancun

My Husband’s one and only job was to find the ideal honeymoon location. He did have other roles but, the less said about them the better.

When it comes to our holidays my other half is meticulous in ensuring that any hotel meets his exacting standards.

Using a mix of recommendations and Trip Advisor he comes up with a short list. It’s all a bit too much for me. Saying that I am the one that nearly had us staying in a shack with a brackish shower in Thailand (long story).

Anyway, after a lot of deliberation he picked a beautiful hotel in Mexico called Excellence Riviera Cancun.



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