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Bird and Beast- Leeds

exterior bird and beast

I love chicken, it is by far one of my favourite meats, the Other Half is and has been well aware of this for some time. On our first date, over ten years ago he took me to Nandos (at the time the restaurant was pretty new to Leeds).

Nowadays, we don’t go there that often, on account of the lack of information on the provenance and welfare of the chicken used.That and the fact there is a great selection of other places to eat in Leeds that do shout about the provenance of their food.

One such place is the newly opened Bird and Beast – where they have a strong focus on provenance and quality.

The restaurant is located in the Central Arcade opposite Mrs Atha’s and is impossible to miss on account of their white exterior walls and signature chicken feet.

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The Old Peacock

Sunday lunch is one of the best meals of the week by far.

For me, nothing beats a good joint of meat cooked perfectly, served with a huge Yorkshire pudding, crispy potatoes and a good gravy (other veg are optional).

The only issue is once you have that ‘Sunday roast picture’ in your head at 2 in the afternoon on a Sunday, with no shopping in, there is only one thing left to do.

The Other Half and I were in this predicament a week ago, having spent the day painting and going to IKEA. On the way back we went to the Old Peacock to sample their Sunday lunch.

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Really nice food goes to Cattle Grid

In January everyone feels it, whether it’s the inches on the waist line or the lack of money in your pocket, that’s why I was curious to pop into the Cattle grid last week Sunday to sample their roast for £6.95 (I know, I did just go on the website to check that price again).

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