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Lunch in a hurry in Leeds

Having a semi sit down meal for lunch is a bit of a tricky business as the food needs to be out relatively quickly.

For our lunch date this week we went to BRB on Call lane to check out their lunchtime offerings. BRB have a lunch club deal; any Pizza, quesadilla, flatbread or salad with a drink (which includes a wine and beer option) for £6.79, not a bad price.

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The ultimate Meat Feast Pizza

I have a bit of a weakness for pizza, namely the Pizza Express Calabrese, which we have once a month (ok, maybe twice) because of the huge amount of calories and, the fact that it’s never included in any of their deals (apart from Orange Wednesdays).

The Pizza was created by Francesco Mazzei, back in 2009, seeing it’s still on the menu demonstrates how popular it must be.

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