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Day four- Ten day reboot

I was up early to prep the fruit and vegetables for my juices today, I am getting into a better routine but I must admit I preferred it when it’s prepped  the night before.

On my search to make some different juices and get a bit of inspiration I asked for some help in one of my earlier  posts. In response to this I  got a tweet from Millies, asking if I had tried putting super greens in my juices, I was very curious so popped down after work to have a look.

I have been to Millies hundreds of times but never realized they made fresh juices, and have such a huge range I did not know where to start. I went for the Wild Berry Juice which was absolutely amazing.  Check out the whole menu here: I am going to go in next week to try out some of the wheat or barley grass so will let you know how it goes.

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