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Chile Relleno- Mexico

Wikipedia says that Chile Relleno is a dish of Mexican cuisine that originated in the city of Puebla.

As much as I would have loved to have made a truly authentic dish, we struggled to find fresh Poblano peppers and Queso Chihuahua (or any type of Mexican cheese).

We looked for alternatives without success and decided to try and make our own version. To do this we played around with peppers of varying heat (note to self, grilling scotch bonnets is a stupid idea).

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It really doesn’t feel like it was nine years ago when Thomasina Miers (Tommi, as she prefers to be called) won Masterchef.

Back in 2005, mainstream Mexican food consisted of beige soggy nachos and fajitas. When the first Wahaca opened its doors in Covent Garden, in terms of alternative international cuisines, Nandos was a relatively new concept in the UK but was expanding at a fast rate.

Wachaca now has 12 restaurants in London and with the constant rumours of an expansion to the north, we had to pay Wahaca a visit.

Since our first holiday to Mexico we have been massive fans of the food, especially the street food we sampled in Playa del Carmen. Neon pink onions, fresh salsas made with tomatillos, tangy guacamole, lobster tostadas and amazing sipping Tequilas.

chicken Mole

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Buffalo Wings

Ever since we went to Mexico we have been in love with these amazing finger licking treats.

These wings do pack a bit of a punch so make sure you make the Blue Cheese dip to go alongside them.

The blue cheese I use for the recipe is Harrogate Blue, simply because it’s our favourite cheese and we always have it to hand.

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