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Leeds Dock Market

I did it !

My first market is under my belt and I’m ready for the next challenge.

I would love to say that this was easy, unfortunately  in the week running up to Leeds Dock Market, I was a emotional wreck, totally filled with self doubt and nervousness.

Were people going to like my sauces ? Had I bitten off too much ? Was this a huge mistake ?

Production line

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Battered Oysters

I first had battered Oysters at the Malton Food festival last year and absolutely loved them. So much so I decided that would have to attempt to make them myself at home.

battered oysters

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Caribbean man café and Grill

Where in Leeds can you go from Morocco to the Caribbean in a matter of seconds? Leeds market !

There are several hidden eateries serving a vibrant mix of food from around the world. Situated next door to a row of butchers and opposite a store selling an array of colourful wigs you will find the Carribean man cafe and grill.

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