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What’s not to love about pie.

Flaky pastry, rich fillings and a plethora of side dishes that you can match to suit your mood.

When I mentioned that I was going to review the new pie place, there was so much interest I ended up going with three of my mates.

The first thing that draws your eye to the restaurant is the neon yellow lights. What could go wrong with a restaurant that has ‘Pie’ in its name ?


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Meat free Mondays, everyone should try it once in a while.

Not being a vegetarian and appreciating that sometimes a bland mushroom risotto doesn’t cut it I am always eager to sample the meat free delights Leeds has to offer.

Bundobust has been on my list of places to try since it opened last July, This month they have added a selection of new dishes to their menu.

Bundobust is located on Mill Hill, a stone throw from to the train station, the wooden sign stands out from the other restaurants on this parade.


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Leeds Dock Market

I did it !

My first market is under my belt and I’m ready for the next challenge.

I would love to say that this was easy, unfortunately  in the week running up to Leeds Dock Market, I was a emotional wreck, totally filled with self doubt and nervousness.

Were people going to like my sauces ? Had I bitten off too much ? Was this a huge mistake ?

Production line

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