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January Juicing

Lose weight ?

Keep fit ?

Are these on your resolution list for 2014?

reboot photo of fruit and vegetables used

Juicing for me is an easy way to lose weight and kick start your diet. I have completed juice diets several times over the last few months, the longest being a ten day reboot which, I blogged about last year.

Well it seems like January is juicing season so I thought that I would just do a short post with some things that could help you.

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Day six- Ten day reboot

Today took a lot of coordination as we were here, there and everywhere. We had a to do list as long as my arm and very little time to do it.

The massive fail on my part was forgetting my coconut water, to make matters worse we could not find anywhere that sold it. To be fair we were not looking that hard and did come across a couple but they were all laden with added sugar.

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