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Hobgoblin, Imperial Red & The Black Wych – The Other Half Reviews Three Ales

Hobgoblin Ale

Hobglin Ruby Ale From Wychwood Brewery

Here at Really Nice Food – I’m usually on the receiving end of great new recipes and restaurant reviews. It’s a great position to be in, but often I don’t feel I can contribute much that is unique. As the ‘other half’ I just don’t get many opportunities to share my ‘wisdom’.

However, when Rebecca was asked to review three beers from Wychwood Brewery I jumped at the chance. I’m typically a lager drinker but like to dabble with craft beers on occasion and I’ve been looking to widen my range. The first thing I should tell you is the Wychwood beers are really distinctive in appearance. Even if you’ve never had one, just like me, you will instantly recognise the illustrative labels.

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