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Pinche Pinche

There are some places in Leeds that are just standard eateries for me, places that the Other Half and I have been going to for years. Pinche Pinche is one such place.

Pinche Pinche is by far one of my favourite restaurants in Leeds, not only for the consistently good food (and range of tequilas), but the fact that it reminds us both of Mexico.

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It really doesn’t feel like it was nine years ago when Thomasina Miers (Tommi, as she prefers to be called) won Masterchef.

Back in 2005, mainstream Mexican food consisted of beige soggy nachos and fajitas. When the first Wahaca opened its doors in Covent Garden, in terms of alternative international cuisines, Nandos was a relatively new concept in the UK but was expanding at a fast rate.

Wachaca now has 12 restaurants in London and with the constant rumours of an expansion to the north, we had to pay Wahaca a visit.

Since our first holiday to Mexico we have been massive fans of the food, especially the street food we sampled in Playa del Carmen. Neon pink onions, fresh salsas made with tomatillos, tangy guacamole, lobster tostadas and amazing sipping Tequilas.

chicken Mole

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Le Gavroche

I have never been big on ‘pop’ or ‘movie’ stars but, in the world of food there are so many chefs and restaurants that I admire for many reasons.

On the top of this list would have to be the Roux family for the influence they have had on the food industry in the UK. Through projects like the Roux Scholarship, the family have invested time and guidance in shaping the next generations of chefs.Well, my Other Half decided for my birthday to take me to where it all began, Le Gavroche.

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