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Chocolate cake

chocolate cake 2Who doesn’t like cake?

Whether you’re making a cake for someone’s birthday or just as a treat over the weekend. This is my all time favorite chocolate cake recipe. It’s so simple to make and always results in a wonderfully moist cake.

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My wedding day the foodie bits

Over four months ago I got married, what I have learnt from the whole experience is that recommendations are so important. I had a lot of help in the form of twitter which helped me to find the right photographers for us York Place Studios.

I have used some of the photos in this post, but it does not do justice to the work that they produced, we even got a small film of the day as well !

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Wedding cake for a friend

My Friend got married last year and for her wedding present I decided to make her a wedding cake.

In a week that consisted of me planning and running a brownie pack holiday, getting ready for a trip to Mexico and setting up an event at the NEC for work, making a three tier wedding cake as well may have not been one of my best ideas.

Saying that, never let it be said that I don’t love a challenge.

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