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How to make a Mickey Mouse Cake

So it’s that time again….

Last year we got immersed into the world of  Thomas and his friends when I created a Thomas the Tank engine cake for my Godson’s birthday.

This year’s choice was a bit up of in the air,  this was, until our visit to Disneyland sealed the deal, it was all about Mickey Mouse or as he is more known us as ‘Ahh do-do’*

Armed with my handy ruler, Youtube clips and Google I set to work on the plans to make Mickey the cake a reality.

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Thomas the Tank Engine

I do love a bit of a challenge so when I was asked to make a Thomas the tank engine birthday cake for my Godson’s last birthday I jumped at the chance.

How hard could it be….

Well not so hard if you do a bit of research on the net, apply some maths and have a bit of time on your hands.  In the end you will end up with a Thomas cake and a bit of an obsession with Thomas the tank engine and the gang (Did you know that Thomas’ carriages have names?).

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Spinning DJ Cake

DJ cake


It’s not everyday that your big Brother turns 30 so, to mark the occasion I wanted to make him a cake that would be a showstopper.

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