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Baking outside the box

I consider myself to be a pretty good baker, very happy to try my hand at anything. When I was younger I used to really enjoy a good baking challenge.

My Mum loves to remind me of the time I made her all butter croissants from scratch for Mother’s day and when I made her, her favorite dessert, Black forrest gâteaux as a surprise.

The thing is over the last couple of years I have felt that I have not really challenged myself to do something different baking wise. Last week I was a post about World Baking Day, so I visited the site to see what it was all about.

There were over 100 different cake recipes, from  very basic muffins at level one to complex cream puff masterpieces at level 100.

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Wedding cake for a friend

My Friend got married last year and for her wedding present I decided to make her a wedding cake.

In a week that consisted of me planning and running a brownie pack holiday, getting ready for a trip to Mexico and setting up an event at the NEC for work, making a three tier wedding cake as well may have not been one of my best ideas.

Saying that, never let it be said that I don’t love a challenge.

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