Sam’s Chop House Leeds

What’s a chop House ?

Being invited to visit Sam’s Chop House by Leeds List I wanted to do a bit of research on the origins of this great British institution.

Chop house

A traditional British chop house uses on the bone cuts to create British dishes that bring out the best of the ingredients used.

Sam’s Chop House is one of four restaurants with the other three located over the Pennines in Manchester.

Just off the Headrow in Leeds, the restaurant is housed in a beautiful Victorian building, very fitting for a good old British feast.

Looking at the menu there were several dishes that stood out as ones we had to try. One of which was the crispy Corned Beef Hash Cake.

Corned beef cake

The dish is ten days in the making and the corned beef was not like any I had tasted before. Topped with a lovely runny poached egg that worked perfectly with the crunchy cake and  brown sauce. Personally I didn’t think that it needed the salad, although it was well dressed with honey mustard.

The Other Half had the Scotch egg, these I feel are really “en vogue” at the moment and although it was very well done I have had much better (and at a cheaper price point).

Scotch Egg

On to the mains, I went for the Pork Chop (Well after all it is a Chop House). The Chop was well prepared and the bone was cleaned perfectly, the Bernese Sauce was perfect for dipping my chips.

Pork chop

The Steak and Kidney Pudding had the right amount of sizable kidney pieces which pleased the Other Half greatly.

Steak and Kidney pudding

The highlight for our dessert had to be the cinder toffee which decorated the Chocolate Cheesecake. Made in the kitchen by the chef using honey (as apposed to Syrup) you could really taste the difference.

Chocolate Cheesecake

My Sticky Toffee Pudding was well made but I would have preferred a thicker toffee sauce.

Sticky Toffee Pudding
We both enjoyed the meal but we were struggling to kind of get a sense of where this restaurant fits in the Leeds food scene. Sam’s Chop House has recently gone through changes to their offer moving away from find but I think they will take some time to bed in.

Sam’s Chop House does British food well but, with many other restaurants doing the same thing in Leeds and the surrounding areas I hope that the menu becomes strong enough to stand out in the crowd.

Sam’s Chop house
8 South Parade,

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