England Rugby Cake

Parents have a tendency of being immensely proud of what you do, both my parents are avid readers of my blog and can not help telling everyone about it (which I do love although it does make me feel a little embarrassed).

Anyway, my dad found out one of his work colleagues were in need of a birthday cake and offered my services.

I do love a good cake challenge but as sport (and sport cake) are not my forte, I really did not know where to start.

Even googling ‘England rugby shirt’ brought up a lot of different varieties of the strip so, to make sure I had the right one I sent a photo down to dad to check.

The cake was chocolate, for this I used a basic Masie cake, and replaced some of the flour with cocoa powder. Once the cake was baked and cooled I placed it in the freezer as I find it easier to carve cake from semi frozen as you end up with less crumbs.

The cake filling was chocolate butter cream but the cake was covered in a chocolate ganache. If I was making this cake in cooler months it would have been a lot easier but with the weather being the way it was the whole process took a lot longer than anticipated.

To come up with the shape of the shirt I made a basic plan using the cake tin as an outline. This helped me work out the cuts I needed.

The cake was cover in with white fondant and all the items on the shirt were free cut by myself, thus the creation of a rose as apposed to the English Rose stencil type shape that is on the real shirt.

My Dad tells me that the cake went down well which I am glad about, it was a real pleasure to make.


rugby shirt

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