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Since the start of the month when my saucy project kicked off most of my spare time has been spent perfecting the recipe.

So far, there has been sauce variations playing around with chillies used, sauce texture and the very important sweet to hot ratio.

A big thank you to everyone that has given feedback so far,  this is helping to create the final sauce that’s going to be sold.

Sweet chili

Now there’s no point having a good sauce without a bottle or label to put on it.

The sauce samples were 100ml bottles but during my market research there didn’t seen to be any similar sauces in this size.

Most sauce bottles are 5oz so that’s the size I’m going with.

50z bottle

The Other Half has been flexing his design skills, I would love to get your opinions on them, so please comment below.

Thinking of a name has been hard so with the help from my family and friends, the name of my first sauce will be (drum roll please)

idea one

idea one

idea 2

idea 2

I’m currently looking for someone that can print labels, so if you know of anyone please let me know.

Keep your eye out on the Really Nice Food Facebook for more developments.

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