Top ten tips for rebooting success

I enjoyed my five day reboot so much I decided to do a ten day one. Some may call me crazy (I am beginning to agree with them) but the amount of added energy you will feel afterward is worth it.

If you fancy it here are my tips to help you on your way.

1. Get a juicer
Now I know that sounds like an odd thing to say but believe me if you are serious about doing juicing, just having a blender alone will not help.

Now there are loads of juicers on the market so it’s important that you find one that’s within your budget and (more importantly) is easy to clean.

Here is my review of the Sage juicer, obviously their are other juicers on the market but I really rate this one.

Sage juicer

The whole bowl took less than two minutes to juice.

2.Prep your veg.
Now they say that preparation is the key to success in the case I have to agree. With the Sage juicer you don’t really have to cut your fruit and veg that much but having everything you need to juice ready in the morning will really help.

veg prep

3. Mix up your juices a bit

I followed the reboot very loosely from day two as found other juice recipes on the net.

4. Tell people what you are doing

This can either work for you, or people will think you’re crazy for doing it. Hopefully, somewhere in the mix will be some supportive people. I had a lot of support from my Other Half and people at work, some of which were doing a similar juice diet type thing.

5.Keep hydrated

Drink lots of water, I can’t stress this enough, I found a mix of still, sparkling and hot water with lemon and ginger helped but,my favourite would have to be mint leaves in hot water.

6. Make sure you have chilled and secure containers
They’re good for carrying the juices around when you need to take them to work, take it from me, lukewarm juice does not taste good.

7. Make some juices in advance

You can make juices and store them in the fridge for up to three days, I usually make a big batch of green juices and red juices and keep in 1 litre glass bottle in the fridge.

This way if I am feeling a bit peckish, or have just come back from the gym I can have it straight away without having to get the juicer out.   

8. Don’t weigh yourself
I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want to lose some weight but I knew that if I did not see the weight come off at the start it would have made it harder for me to carry on.

9. Vita Coco is your friend.

During the reboot you are supposed to drink Coconut water. The first type I brought tasted awful and very metallic. One of my friends said to try Vita Coco and I am so glad they did.  

Words can’t describe how much I love this stuff, even now I still have bottles of the stuff in my fridge, it’s so refreshing.

10. Shop local

I did start out by getting my fruit and veg from the supermarket but found it much easier to go to the market and get the ingredients there. If you are short for time companies like Market Delivered are great as they bring fruit and veg from the market straight to your door.

I lot of shops also sell fresh juices, my favourite is Millies as you can create your own juice.

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