A bit about Rebecca

Hi my name is Rebecca and this is my food blog. Some would say I am a ‘foodie’ but I just prefer to say I have a real love for  good ingredients, home cooking and eating out.

whether I’m dining at a new restaurant, discovering ingredients at a local deli, or just revamping one of your favourite recipes.

Food is all about the passion,  and talking to suppliers and producers you can get a real understanding of how the produce was created/selected and why is tastes the way it does.

Leeds is full of restaurants that have a real story behind why they came to be and the staff members that want to give you their honest opinion on what’s the best dish on the menu.

Food plays such an important role in our everyday lives, the right meal can cheer you up when you are having a bad day, relieve stress (try kneading dough for 15 minutes and tell me you don’t feel better) or just take you back to a place or a time in your life.

Food can also bring people together, I have learnt this from my Mum, who can whip up a dinner for four in under 30 minutes (I kid you not). Nothing makes me happier than having my friends around and us all getting stuck into a nice curry and some good wine and beer.

I wanted a way to share my adventures  food, in the hope my hints and tips might inspire you on your own quest for really nice food. If you would like to get in contact with me please send your emails to rebecca@reallynicefood.com

Happy reading