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Hibiscus Syrup


Hibiscus is used in drinks in the West Indies and Mexico, it has a dry and fruity taste that is just perfect for summer drinks.

Our Hibiscus Syrup is made using dried hibiscus flowers, Algarve and a hint of lime. Try this syrup with a glass of sparkling wine, or in a classic Mexican Margarita.


Mango Hot Sauce 



This sauce is a fruity mix of mango and three different varieties of chillies which as you can imagine this makes it a pretty hot sauce.

Primarily is inspired by my childhood obsession with the colourful Caribbean hot sauces that adorned my grandparents shelves.
This sauce contains a combination of three chillies, which makes it a perfect accompaniment to Pork, Chicken and Vegetable, dishes.

Sweet Chilli Dip


Our Thai inspired Sweet Chilli dip is made with fresh red chillies, lime juice and fresh ginger to give it that fiery kick.

This dip is our best seller and is the ultimate combination of sweet and heat. A perfect accompaniment to meats, savouries and snacks you won’t find a more versatile (or addictive) sauce.

Mexican Pink Onions

During our travels around the southeastern Mexico we came across this brightly coloured condiment and it adorned nearly all the food we ate out there.
The vibrant colour is obtained by combining citrus, spices & chillies to Red Onions. Not only do these onions look pretty stunning, they pack a bit of a punch too.
As well as working with most Mexican dishes, such as enchiladas, tacos or a chilli, they work really well in cheese toasties too.

pink onions













Smokey BBQ Sauce


For those that don’t like the heat, our smokey and sweet BBQ Sauce is perfect. This sweet sticky sauce works perfectly as a marinade, over pulled pork, roasted chicken or in a sausage sandwich. Made with chipotle peppers (smoked Jalapeño), roasted vegetables and secret blend of spices.
















The Really Nice Food tote bag


Exclusive design for The Really Nice Food Company, not only are our bags made with 100% Cotton but they are fair trade too.