Really Nice Food goes to Primos

On Thursday Primos run a ‘pound dog’ promotion, so with every hot dog and drink you get another dog for a pound.

Seeing it’s Thursday, I thought that it would be a good opportunity to pop down and try a gourmet hot dog. Now I know your thinking, ‘did she eat the two dogs herself ?’ I didn’t but enlisted my friends Kelly and Sarah to venture into the rain with me.

Primos is situated in the Corn Exchange, the gourmet hotdogs are situated amongst ice creams US confectionary and Jelly beans (which happen to be my favourite sweets EVER).

If your only experience of a hot dog recently is the sorry excuse for one you get at Ikea, your taste buds are well and truly in for a treat.

The Primo hotdog is in a league of its own. The dog sits in a blanket of fresh poppy seeded bread and then is topped with one of the eight varieties of fillings from the Boston- Cheese, BBQ and bacon bits to the Mexicana- an all-beef frankfurter with jalapeños salsa and sour cream.

I ordered the Matador, a chorizo sausage with salsa and chopped onion and both friends went for the Dodge City hot dog, which was topped with coleslaw and cheese.


We resisted the temptation to get a knife and folk and just got stuck in when our hot dogs arrived. The first thing that struck me was the quality of the meat, as the dogs are cooked on roller grills they retain their shape are mouthwateringly juicy.

Primo also sells salads, Cubanos (Pressed sandwiches) and Bagles, and even without the promotion on, I still think that it’s pretty reasonable for lunch in Leeds.

As the wedding diet starts again for me next week, I think I will have to come back and try the salad.

Unit 12 A/B, The Corn Exchange
42 Call Lane,

0113 345 8901

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