Vegetarian dining at Prashad

I have been wanting to go to Prashad since I first heard about the restaurant on Gordon Ramsay’s The ‘f’ Word (Can you believe that was nearly four years ago ??).

Prashad has gone from strength to strength, specialising in creating a 100 per cent vegetarian indian feast for all of their customers who, keep coming back for more.

Gordon Ramsay "F" word

As a meat eater, I have often wondered how I would fair as a vegetarian, as much as I do love vegetables, I don’t think I would ever get rid of that niggling feeling at the back of my head that this meal would taste better with a bit of meat.

Seeing I have a great love of Indian cuisine, I feel the complex spices, textures and flavours help to make you not think about the lack of meat on your plate.

Prashad is based over in Drighlington, just out from Leeds city centre and is really easy to get to.
I went over to have a chat with Bobby Patel and a sneaky look in the kitchen to find out what makes Prashad so special.

In the kitchen with Minal I was enthralled and excited by the array of spices laid out for the dishes that we were about to make. The air was filled with the aroma sweet buttery smell of caramelised onions, the base for the Paneer Masala.


Watching Minal in the kitchen was fascinating, as she tweaked the spices throughout cooking to make sure there was a good balance.

Whilst we were in the kitchen I saw first hand how Dosas are made. The batter is a mix of fermented lentil & rice flour. The batter is poured in the centre of the hot plate. This is then slowly moved round until it is paper thin.
Dosas are filled with a lightly spiced potato & onion curry and served with spicy lentil soup and cool coconut & yoghurt chutney.Its so big it’s a bit of a struggle to keep it on the serving plate.


Seeing I came so far it would be a shame not to try some of the food, I sampled the Bhel Supreme, I wonderful textured dish of soft potato, crunchy puffed rice, this is then mixed with a sweet tangy tamarind sauce which works well against the yogurt.

Special Chaat

I can not wait for my next trip to Prashad but, until then I have the Prashad cookbook and lots of tips from Minal to keep me going. Watch out for my post on cooking up a vegetarian feast for the Other Half and our friends.

137 Whitehall Road
Drighlington, BD11 1AT
0113 285 2037 

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  • Precious White

    The colours look so good. Will visit next time when up North.

    • Rebecca

      You really should veggie food is not just for veggies !!!

  • Bob Hammond

    Good post – love this behind-the-scenes look at Indian vegetarian cuisine!

    • Rebecca

      Glad toy enjoyed it Bob, it’s a new concept I am trying out for the blog