Pinche Pinche

There are some places in Leeds that are just standard eateries for me, places that the Other Half and I have been going to for years. Pinche Pinche is one such place.

Pinche Pinche is by far one of my favourite restaurants in Leeds, not only for the consistently good food (and range of tequilas), but the fact that it reminds us both of Mexico.

The restaurant is also well located in Chapel Allerton, making is easy to get to from Leeds city centre and Harrogate. One of the reasons why we picked it for our post wedding party nearly two years ago.

For a while (I won’t go into how long) Simon (the head chef) has been talking about changing the menu, moving away from the usual Mexican fayre that you get at most restaurants. To be fair, who can’t knock up a fajita at home nowadays?

Simon wanted to reflect the Mexican food he sampled whilst working in the country and inject some of that vibrancy into his restaurant.

A bold move? But one that needed to be made in my opinion, change is good peeps, change is good !

The menu now centres around smaller dishes, Antoijitos with a couple of larger plates and sides.


Out of all the smaller dishes the highlight for me had to be the prawn and cod ceviche. The fish is delicately flavoured and has a sight sweetness that really helps to counteract the citrus overtones.

Prawn and cod ceviche

I’m great fan of fish dishes but, the surprise came for me when I ended up sharing the dish with the Other Half someone, who usually doesn’t care for seafood.

Another favourite would have to be the Sopes, they have been on the specials board several times so, I was glad to see they had made the cut for the new menu.


Desserts is usually the Mexican Churros however, I was persuaded to try the Crema Mexicana (think spiced creme brûlée). This was a hit, perfectly smooth on the top, a subtle hit with your spoon is all you need to delve into the creamy thick smooth custard.

Crema Mexicana

The Other Half had the Plantain with Dulce de Leche and Vanilla ice cream which he said was his favourite non chocolate dessert of all time.


Pinche Pinche will always be my go to place for good grub, with it now opening for lunch on Saturdays again, we will be sure to be visiting a lot more in the coming months.

pinche pinche lunch

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  • Guest

    I love Pinche Pinche but I haven’t been for a couple of years. I do know their ceviche is to die for though!

    • Really Nice Food

      I love their Ceviche too ! you should get back there soon