Paperwork and new year resolutions

This month so far has been about paperwork, planing and setting myself goals

Since my last post I am now registered with Leeds Council, completed my hygiene training and have excel files with budgets and timelines coming out of my ears !

Evernote (something that the Other Half raves about) has been useful for ordering ideas and recording receipts.

Best business book recommendation would have to be ‘Packed’. It was such a good book, very short and concise, its focus was on ensuring that the taste is paramount.

So with this in mind over Christmas I did a taste test at work, the sauce went down very well next to a massive bowl of prawn crackers. Final tweaks have been made and the final recipe is done.

In my last post I asked for opinions on the two ideas I had for the label.

And, as much as I liked the blue one, the votes were higher for the red, the finished result is below, the Other Half as done an amazing job! Not quite happy with the copy but will sort that out before it goes to print.


Next things on my to-do list is getting the labels printed and starting to work on finalising the recipes for sauce two and three.

I am looking for vegetable suppliers, advice on local farmers market and getting products to market, so please drop me a note if you can help with any of these.

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