Mojito Making at Sandinista

Mojitos will always remind me of my first holiday with the other half and the fact that we had to wait until we got to Havana (a good week into our holiday) before we had a chance to sample them.

Tonight we only had to put up with a hair-raising journey into leeds in the back seat of the taxi driver from hell. Seriously red lights meant nothing to this guy.

Anyway, we made it to Sandinista and were in dire need of a drink. The other half went for a Quilmers- his favourite, whereas I went for one a Manzana con Especias one of the cocktails on special promotion for Leeds Loves Cocktails.

Manzana con Especias

Our tutor for the evening was Clare, head Bartender at Sandinista. She explained the origins of the traditional Mojito and created one alongside a modern Mojito that you would get at a bar if you ordered it.

At Sandinista, they used 3 year old Havana club as apposed to the Blanco as the aged variety has more of a citrus note that works well with the mint.

It was interesting to see that the stalks are not used in a modern Mojito this is because it adds a bitter after taste to the overall drink.

The bar was then handed over to us to try and make out very own Mojitos. I went for the modern one whereas the other half made a traditional Mojito. Mine is on the right.

traditional and modern Mojito

With the influences of the 70‘s and high sugar (and colour) cocktails a lot of different flavours came into the mix to complement the minty taste of the classic Mojito.

Clare made for us a passion fruit and a raspberry mojito for us to sample. Then it was our turn to make a our very own flavoured Mojito using any ingredients behind the bar. There were several prizes at stake so we all brought our ‘A’ game.

our creations

I went for a refreshing strawberry and raspberry number, however it was not enough to win the top prize that went to my other (and in this case) better half.

His perfectly mixed and well balanced Mango and Passionfuit Mojito was the overall winner, winning us a bottle of seven year old Havana Club !

Havana club


If only every Monday could be this much fun !



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