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There’s nothing I love more that a good steak (medium rare) with béarnaise sauce (on the side) and chips (preferably french fries so I can dip in said sauce).

So, when I was asked to do a review of Miller and Carter’s branch in Leeds city centre I jumped at the chance.

Miller and Carter is located in the Light complex but it is facing out onto the Headrow.


There’s an abundance of Steakhouses in Leeds at the moment, so I didn’t think there would really be any place for a ‘chain’ steakhouse.

However, in doing my homework it’s very clear that they have a well thought out proposition.

They know where their steak has come from (West Country), the type of cattle used (premium graded Ashdale), they are very vocal about their meat producers (Alec Jarrett & Sons) and their Master Butcher at Fairfax Meadows. The steak is hung on the bone for seven days before being further matured off the bone for 21 days.

The first thing I noticed when we arrived the way in which the restaurant seemed to be set out. It was clear to see that there were areas that catered more for families with young children, areas for larger tables, and somewhere for smaller groups and couples.

We were sat in view of the open kitchen which gave me an ideal opportunity to look and see how the food was being prepared, there looked to be a small army of chefs working and the kitchen seemed very organised.

Our waiter for the night was Laura Jayne, who recommended that I try the Duck Rillettes, a good choice as I do prefer my pate on the coarse side , the caramelized onions that accompanied the dish was a little on the sweet side this, however did not stop me eating the lot.


The Other Half went for the salad, a wise choice seeing he ordered the 14oz T bone.


Our mains were accompanied with a quarter of dressed iceberg lettuce (a bit of a palate cleanser?) side of fries, sauce and onion bread type slab- The only way I can describe this to you is a less oily version of an onion ring; a bit unusual but very nice.


Both our steaks were cooked as we had requested succulent and tasted pretty good. The Other half was in meat heaven with his T bone and my sirloin steak worked perfectly against the warm béarnaise sauce, a match (as always) made in heaven.

Sirloin 12oz

I did feel the addition of the herb butter was not needed (but I wont hold that against them).

Then onto desserts, I have not got that much of a sweet tooth so I found the Mango Mess a bit too sickly, if my younger brother had been with me he would have hovered the lot off. The Other Half liked his chocolate brownie but was suffering with the meat sweats by then.

We had a lovely time at Miller and Carter at the Light, we found the service provided by Laura Jayne and the other staff members on the night exemplary. Not just to us but the other tables she and the rest of the team served during our visit.

The whole restaurant had a good atmosphere and it seemed to all run like clockwork which, on a busy Friday night is exactly what you need.

I think that the success of any expanding restaurant is to ensure that there is consistency across all of their restaurants.

Talking to friends that have been to the Miller and Carter in Garforth they have spoken about how nice the food was and how their experience had been a good one overall.

There’s a Miller and Carter in Birmingham so I will be putting this to the test next time I’m down and seeing how they fair further south.

Miller and Carter
56 – 58 The Headrow,
Tel: 0113 244 3583

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  • Good to see a more favourable review of Miller & Carter. The last review I saw wasn’t very kind to them.

    I do love a medium-rare steak with bearnaise sauce and chips. Nothing better 🙂

    • Rebecca

      Definitely worth a visit was absolutely stuffed afterwards.