How to make a Mickey Mouse Cake

So it’s that time again….

Last year we got immersed into the world of  Thomas and his friends when I created a Thomas the Tank engine cake for my Godson’s birthday.

This year’s choice was a bit up of in the air,  this was, until our visit to Disneyland sealed the deal, it was all about Mickey Mouse or as he is more known us as ‘Ahh do-do’*

Armed with my handy ruler, Youtube clips and Google I set to work on the plans to make Mickey the cake a reality.


I used a 15cm polystyrene ball as a base for Mickey’s head. This was for two reasons; one, so that it gave me more time to focus on doing the head rather that worried the cake was getting stale, two – cutting into Mickey’s head did seen a little macabre at a party of a three year old.

I found it hard to get the black fondant to stick onto the ball at first but I found covering it in margarine beforehand seem to do the trick.

To build the face, I first marked out the halfway point on the ball.

I used two large sausage like pieces to make Mickey’s signature smile. Using edible glue, I stuck these on the covered ball, with the corners of the mouth reaching up to the half way points I marked on either side. Sorry there’s no photo but, try and picture an odd looking bow.

I then rolled out a large oval for Mickey’s muzzle and a smaller ball for the chin.

I then covered all these features with flesh coloured fondant, then cut the excess fondant away.

covered head

The eyes were made by cutting out white fondant into ovals, then overlaying with a black oval half the size.

mickey mouse head cut out

To finish off the face I added the red tongue, smile and nose.

finished head mickey mouse



For the body I used two nine inch round cakes, a rectangular cake (for the feet, arms and shoes) and a eight inch Pyrex bowl.

I used the same recipe I used for the Thomas cake (above) as it’s so versatile and easy to carve from frozen.

There was a lot of excess cake so I used this to make cake pops.


Once I carved out all the pieces I placed them on the board before covering in buttercream.


buttercream mickey mouse body

Putting the fondant covering on the cake was all about building layers, Watch the video below to see it all come together:

The head was secured onto the body using a dowel.

The ears were the easiest bit to do, I cut out two thick circles of black fondant (with some Tylo powder added to it). Using a round cutter I then used cake pop sticks to secure them onto Mickey’s head.

I really loved making the cake, cant wait for next year’s challenge. I would assemble the cake at the venue next time as Mickey got a little damaged in transit.

finished Mickey cake

*Ahh do do AKA Toodles is the handy tool Mickey Mouse uses to solve problems at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

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