After a rather boozy night in London, what you need is a good burger, thick milkshake and fries, as luck would have it a place matching this description was recommended to me by Steph over at the Food I Eat so off we went to Covent Garden in search of MEATmarket.

MEATMarket is located in Covent Garden just behind the Jubilee Market Hall on Tavistock Street. The stairs leading up to restaurant is filled with American Diner memorabilia, with the distinctive whiff of grilled beef as your reward for getting to the top.

menu board

I ordered a Red Chili Cheeseburger for myself and the Other half opted for the Dirty Chicken Burger . We also got some fries, a side of buffalo wings and Shakes.

The Buffalo Wings had that tangy hot flavour that when mixed with the blue cheese dip was simply heavenly. The dip still had chunky soft morsels of soft cheese, perfect.

buffalo wings

I could not say that unfortunately for my Red Chili Burger, although the beef patties were cooked well, the Chili was a little lacking very spicy but no real aftertaste which was a shame.

chili burger

The Dirty Chicken Burger had an unexpected kick in its batter mixed with the cool mayo was absolutely delicious.

dirty chicken burger

We left stuffed and feeling suitably ready for the trek back up to Leeds.

This quirky place is well worth a visit if you find yourself in Covent Garden.

meat market decor

Meat Market
Jubilee Market Hall
Tavistock Street
Covent Garden
London | WC2E 8BE

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  • irene

    Next time that side of London will check-out. Loved the look of the Buffalo Wings!