Manchester Meat Club

Ok, let’s get this out of the way…

The first rule of meat club is: you do not talk about Meat club.

Well this is not the case obviously…

The Manchester Meat Club aims to get people to break free of their supermarket cellophane meat shackles and gain an understanding of how meat is cuts, the different joints and how to cook them.

There have been around four clubs already covering Rabbit, Beef and even Venison (so gutted I missed that one).

Lee Frost

I’m not squeamish when its comes to guts and odd cuts, I just don’t really know what to do with them, so this club sounded ideal. Apart from one small issue….

It was all the way in Manchester.

Anyway, I did not let this deter me, I set off on the M62 after work to The Parlour in Chorlton where the event was held. By the time I got there (I do have no sense of direction what so ever) it was absolutely packed.

I was offered a bottle of beer from Red Willow brewery but as I was driving could not have any, it did seem to be really well received.

On the table in front of us all was a female Texel lamb from Cheshire. Our teacher for the night was butcher Lee Frost. He was entertaining, knowledgeable, full of puns and one liners. I don’t think I have laughed that much at a food event before.


Sitting at the front I was asked to remove the heart, kidneys, liver and sweetbreads under the guidance of Lee.

Lee then started to put his seam butchery skills to the test as he effortlessly separated the lamb shoulder, breast and got another volunteer up to put the pieces through the mincer.

mince lamb

Throughout the night Lee took questions from the floor, explained different cuts, how they should be prepared properly and what they could be used for.

Lee was also able to dispel some ‘marketed’ joints that might not be what they seem. Anyone for a bit of front leg or belly? Technically, not real cuts.

The intervals throughout the night gave us the chance to sample a variety of different lamb canapés prepared by the team at the Parlour.


We heard from Michael Bush from award winning English vineyard Nyetimber. Everyone was given a glass of the 2008 Classic Cuvee it was light refreshing and complemented the lamb perfectly.

Beer producer Toby Mckenzie from Red Willow also gave a talk explaining how he gave up his 9 to 5 to start brewing beer. Each of the beers created by Red Willow has a distinctive way it’s made and a story behind its creation.

All in all it Was a great night and if you live in or around Manchester I could not recommend this club enough.

For me, the journey over the pennines was a bit too much on a school night. This was not helped by the fact that two junctions on the M62 were closed.

Fingers crossed there will be a meat club in Leeds soon.

Manchester Meat Club
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