Malton Food Lovers Festival

On the way to Filey a couple of weeks ago, I saw signs for the Malton Food Lovers Festival. As a lover of food, I popped the dates in the diary and did some research on my return home.

I discovered that over this weekend Malton is transformed into a melting pot of food delights. There are demonstrations from local and national chefs, wine tastings, food producers and street food vendors.

Looking at the website I was just spoilt for choice as to which day to go on and next year I am considering going on both days.

Anyway, I decided to go on the Sunday and as luck would have it, it seems I brought the sun with me. Here are a couple of the Really Nice Food gems that I found on my visit.

The Greedy Bassets Kitchen

The Malton Food Lovers Festival was the maiden voyage of GBs new street food boat, Clem. They also had some exciting  fish and non fish specials on the menu. I was lucky enough to try their battered Oysters and I have to say I am now a massive fan.

battered oysters

Clem (the boat) is having her official launch event on 1st June in Saltburn, so if you’re around or fancy a trip to the seaside why not come along.

For further information check out the Greedy Bassets Kitchen blog:

Chef Rob Green Cooking Demonstration

Dave and Emily from the Greedy Bassets recommended the cooking demonstration with Rob Green, chef and owner at Green’s of Whitby and Fishmonger Matthew Asquith, from Whitby Seafish.

Matt made filleting fish, something I always asked my fishmonger to do and never attempted, look so simple. So much so I am going to sharpen my knifes and have a go.

Rob and his son created three dishes during the hour session. They used local affordable seafood such as Mackerel, Langoustines and Brill, it really inspired me to get cooking with some different seafood this weekend.

Rob Green
Rob Green’s restaurant:
Whitby seafish:

Skerry Hall Farm Dexter Beef

I do love a good bit of beef so my eyes were instantly drawn to this stall. Skerry Hall Farm is based near Robin hood’s bay and specalise in breeding Dexter cattle.

Dexters produce superb well-marbled beef and this was very evident just by looking at the joints they had on sale.

Dexter Beef
The beef is also hung for three weeks before packing. I opted for a beef fillet and it’s currently in the freezer. I will be using it in a Beef Wellington and will no doubt blog about it.

Skerry Hall Farm

The Yummy Yank
I have been craving Lisa’s lovely chocolate chip bars since Kirkstall Deli so I made sure that I picked some goodies for the other half (and myself). It’s a good job I went when I did as by the end of the day the Yummy Yank stall was completely sold out.

PS. Loved the nut, no nut division of the goodies on the stall 🙂

Yummy Yank

The Yummy Yank:

Staal Smokehouse
I first heard of Staal Smokehouse when visiting Angelica in Leeds as they are one of the local producers that supply the restaurant.

Since starting up Staal Smokehouse in 2007, Justin and his wife Georgina have won numerous awards for their produce.

StaalI am very familiar with smoked fish but smoked poultry is not something I have ever tried before. What would you have to accompany it? Since I brought the smoked duck, Justin pointed me in the direction of Sarah at Puckett’s Pickles.

Staal Smokehouse:

Puckett’s Pickles
Never have a seen an array of colourful chutneys displayed on one stall with such different and unique flavours, such as Carrot and Cardamon and Beetroot and Orange and a vibrant and tangy Chilli Chutney.

Puckett’s Pickles are based in York and have a good mix of classic chutneys, seasonal specials and a fresh and funky design. Visit the website and you will see what I mean.

On Justin’s recommendation I went for the Carrot and Cardamon Chutney. I made a light salad with pomegranates, watercress and the smoked duck thinly sliced. I then added some of the chutney slightly warmed. It was absolutely delicious.

Pucketts Pickles


Puckett Pickles:

Burtree Puddings
I have not really got a sweet tooth (honest) but I do like a good pudding. My all time favourite is sticky toffee.

As luck would have it Burtree Puddings had some of their award winning Sticky Toffee Pudding on sale.

I had a sample and was instantly hooked, I also picked up their Sticky Lemon pudding and Chocolate pudding with Chocolate sauce. They are all currently in the freezer and will be perfect with a nice, rich custard, can’t wait.

Burtree Puddings

Burtree Puddings:

Plans are already in place for next year’s event but, If you don’t want to wait that long you will be happy to know that Malton runs a food lovers market the second Saturday of every month:

What did you like most about the Malton Food Lovers Festival? Drop in your comments below.

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  • emma

    hello guys! I was at the food lovers festival but the only problem it was that after the festival I had a food lovers diet time… see you next year!