Lunch in a hurry in Leeds

Having a semi sit down meal for lunch is a bit of a tricky business as the food needs to be out relatively quickly.

For our lunch date this week we went to BRB on Call lane to check out their lunchtime offerings. BRB have a lunch club deal; any Pizza, quesadilla, flatbread or salad with a drink (which includes a wine and beer option) for £6.79, not a bad price.

Our order was taken swiftly, even though they were pretty packed when we got in. We both went for the 12’’ Pizzas I had the Mediterranean style meat medley and the OH had the Serrano ham and spanish chorizo.

The pizza area is open plan so, if you look over you can see your pizza being prepared and put straight into the stone bake oven.

The pizzas were served with an individual cutter so we were not left trying to cut the pizza with the cutlery, I know its just a small thing but I really think that it helps.

The base on the pizza was perfect soft and cooked in the middle and crispy around the edges but not burnt.


My pizza was very meaty, I know I should have got that from the name and although I liked the salami, chorizo and prosciutto, I was not too keen on the meatballs. You can ‘fire’ this pizza up with extra chillies for 20p and next time I will definitely do that.

The serrano ham and chorizo pizza was not what we expected, the meats worked well together and the addition of rosemary was unexpected, it worked but I feel that it overpowered the chillies somewhat.


We were in and out in 30 minutes and the service was brilliant, we would come back again but pick different pizzas I think, there are plenty to choose from !

Bar Room Bar
Call lane

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