January Juicing

Lose weight ?

Keep fit ?

Are these on your resolution list for 2014?

reboot photo of fruit and vegetables used

Juicing for me is an easy way to lose weight and kick start your diet. I have completed juice diets several times over the last few months, the longest being a ten day reboot which, I blogged about last year.

Well it seems like January is juicing season so I thought that I would just do a short post with some things that could help you.

Juice master

A friend, knowing that I am into juicing, bought me the ‘Lose 7lbs in 7 days’ book which is created by the Juice Master, Jason Vale. The Plan is very similar to Joe Cross‘ reboot however, this plan goes into more detail about the different benefits of the fruits and vegetables used.

As a plan it is very straight forward to follow and the book comes with a wall planner.

You can get the book here:


Just a juice a day

Green juice

When I finished my juice diet I did miss not having juices. For this reason I try and have a juice a day. As a ‘serial’ breakfast skipper (geddit) this is ideal for me.

Most of my morning juices are green, my favourites being Joe’s Mean Green and the Juice master’s Turbo Charge, I have put links to the recipes below.



Have a look for local stores that make fresh juices

I suppose this is linked to the point above. Leeds has several places that make fresh juices in store so check them out:


My favourite by far, as well as a good range of juices, you can make your own with the ingredients in store. As they are all their ingredients are organic, its a bit of a no brainier.

Have a look at their blog for more more info: http://www.milliesleeds.co.uk/blog/2013/01/new-smoothie-juice-menu/

Cielo Blanco

Based in Leeds Trinity, Cielo Blanco has a range of juices as well. I am a big fan of their Refuel juice (available in store for £3.50).

The juice is high in Vitamin A, B, C, E , K and is a good source of Zinc, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous and Potassium.

The recipe for this one is below, just put the ingredients below in your juicer:


  • 1 kiwi
Small handful of spinach
Small handful of mint
1 Granny Smith apple
1 inch of ginger
  • Small handful of green grapes

Cielo blanco:http://cieloblanco.co.uk

PHO restaurant

As well as delicious Vietnamese street food PHO does range of juices, made fresh to order: http://www.phocafe.co.uk/files/menus/eatin_leeds.pdf

For January PHO also have a limited edition  juice called Super Green. It’s made with Kale, pineapple, apple & lime

Super Green

Get a juicer

I am a big fan of the whole fruit juicer as there is little chopping needed when you prep your fruit and veg. I also find that these juicer are better at extracting juice from vegetables like spinach and kale.

A good mid range juicer would be a good place to start and then move to a more expensive one if you get the juice bug. Here are links to my favourite four that are on the market:

A great one to start with

Whole fruit juicer I use

Recommended brand that was in the Jason Vale video in the post

For the serious hard core Juicer!


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