Hepworth’s Deli

I’m always looking for new places to have lunch in Leeds. A couple of weeks ago on twitter I saw a photo of some freshly baked marshmallows brownies. I was hooked in, especially as they did not contain nuts.

Hepworth’s deli is situated in the Thornton Arcade in Leeds city centre. The deli serves a selection of coffee, teas cakes and sandwiches.

I went with a friend from work, as we entered I was surprised by the size of the deli. From the outside you would expect it to be a lot smaller than it was. I was instantly drawn towards all the produce that adorned the shelves and walls. Lots of locally sourced gems, along with a variety of Italian items.

We found some seats and ordered, I had the pulled pork special with red cabbage slaw and my friend went for the caramelised red onion marmalade and goat cheese.

red onion

The pulled pork was sweet and smoky, not spicy but full of flavour. My friend enjoyed her sandwich as well, especially the cheese which, we found out was Yorkshire Fettle made by cheese producers Shepherd Purse.

pulled pork

Unfortunately the marshmallow brownies were still cooling so I took a piece of Victoria sponge away with me to have with a coffee later.

The piece was so big I shared it with another work colleague. Hepworth deli is definitely somewhere I would go back, so much so the other half and I went there for Brunch last Saturday.

Eggs royal

Hepworth’s Deli
21 Thorntons Arcade,

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