Healthy eating at Pho restaurant

When trying to lose weight someone told me that your diet accounts for 80% of your results. Not ideal, if you eat out for lunch as much as I do.

This week I have started to make wiser food choices than either forgetting to eat at all or going for a subway sandwich (What can I say I work right next to one).

With my impending half marathon coming up, an  email from PHO asking me to review their new healthy menu could not have come at a better time.

I am a great fan of PHO restaurant I did however, really feel that I was kidding myself that the food was low fat.Looking at the nutritional values of the dishes was an eye opener,  most of the dishes came in under 500 calories.


We met up with Annie, the general manager who gave us the low down on the healthier side of the menu. From the most popular dish here at Leeds, Pho Xao (the chicken one coming in at 445 calories) to their super healthy fresh juices.

Super Green juice

We started off with one of these, the Super Green juice which is a mix of Kale, pineapple, apple and lime. This was sweeter than the green juices I am used to and was a great start to lunch. We shared some summer spring rolls (160 calories, Nuoc cham sauce, 70 calories).

My friend opted for the chicken Bun noodles (424 calories) one of my personal favourites and I went for the Goi Xoai, (175 calories ) a green mango salad topped with pork.

chicken Bun noodles

When the salad came out I did not think that it was going to be that filling, it was ! The dressing had the right amount of spice and was really fruity, I think if I was to have it again I would go for the chicken.

Goi Xoai pork

What surprised me about the whole menu was the calorie content. I knew that Asian food was low calorie but it was good to see that even in a restaurant environment this was still the case.

The use of fresh herbs and stock made everyday on site means that not only does the food taste and look good, it’s good for you too !

summer rolls

Don’t believe me? Check on the nutritional information yourself:

And enjoy guilt free.

Pho Restaurant

Pho TK1 Trinity Kitchen,
401 Trinity Leeds,
Albion Street,

0113 245 6926

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