Homage to Fromage

If you love cheese and want to expand your cheese horizons past the humble cheddar, this club is for you.

Meeting every second Thursday at the top of the Adelphi pub in Leeds,  Homage to Fromage (H2F, or as it is now more affectionally called in our household, ‘Cheesey club’) aims to bring to its guests unusual and unique cheeses that go beyond the supermarket counter that fit around a theme each month.

The cheeses are then numbered and revealed at the end of the night along with some further information about their production and where you can find them.

Being an avid fan of the wondrous dairy wonder, and having a free Thursday, the Other Half and I found ourselves at the French cheese part deux event.

As soon as I went up the stairs at the Adelphi, my nose pricked up as the smelly cheese scent brought on the anticipation of the night to come.

Although there are no hard and fast rules to cheese club what I would say is arrive early as “cheese” is called at seven, prompt.

As an accompaniment to the cheeses there was bread provided by the Leeds bread cooperative.

My favourite cheese of the night would have to be the Tomme Crayeuse it had the appearance of Caerphilly cheese this was because of the fact that it was came about as a Tomme de Savoie that went wrong acidifying too much in the vat.

The star of the night or as the French would say ” Piece de resistance” had to be the Tarentais cheese, this goats cheese is produced in the French Alps by Gabi & Sozic Cattenoz. The couple took over the production of this cheese having answered a advert from the previous owners as they were looking to retire. Their story is pretty amazing, you can read it on the Courtyard Dairy’s blog when Andy went to visit the producers.

H2F is a great night and would highly recommend, there are still tickets left for the next event (H2F’s second birthday) so grab one now before they’re gone !!



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