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Really Nice Food | Grill on the Square Leeds

Grill on the Square Leeds

I have been to Grill on the Square (formally known as Blackhouse) on several occasions, just not that recently. Seeing the restaurant space opposite has had so many reincarnations, they must be doing something right.

I was invited to the restaurant’s annual Lobster festival where, for a whole month, you can get a lobster and side for £22.50. The lobsters come in fresh and are prepared on site. On average over 30 lobsters are consumed by guests everyday.


The normal price of a whole Lobster is £45 (with half coming in at £25) however, the ones served in the festival are smaller in size.

The Other half and I are massive lobster fans. There is nothing I love doing more that going down to the market and picking a couple up for dinner.

Lobsters are not the easiest to prepare, especially if you’re a bit squeamish about putting live lobsters in a pot; not me, the Other Half.

I drive past the Grill on the Square on my way home from work. I am always mesmerised by the waterfall-esque fairy lights over the large windows at the front of the building. It makes the restaurant seem warm and inviting.

As we walked in, we were asked if we wanted to be seated for our meal or, to go to the bar for a drink first.

smoky old fashioned

We went to the bar. I opted for the smoky old fashioned which, is a mix of wild turkey 51 and maple syrup served over oak smoke.

As you pour the cocktail into the heavy glass the mix hits the large round ball of ice. The smoke then bellows around and you are left with a lingering smell of oak.

The drink itself was so sweet and smooth, just what I needed. The Other Half looked on longingly, as he nursed his bottle of Peroni Red.

For a Wednesday night, the restaurant was pretty packed with a mix of groups of friends, couples and business types with clients.

We had some bread and olives to start, the smell of the bread was so inviting, it was served with soft butter that had a generous topping of rock salt.

fresh bread

To have with dinner our waiter recommended the Mamaku, a New Zealand sauvignon blanc. It was a delightfully crisp wine and was chilled to perfection, you could clearly smell the tropical citrus undertones.

Mamaku, a New Zealand sauvignon blanc

For starters I went for the Foie Gras. The Other Half had the French onion and cider soup. The tangy pineapple chutney was a good contrast against the warm Foie Gras and I enjoyed every bite.

Foie Gras

The Other Half enjoyed his soup but was a bit disappointed that the it did not come with any bread soaked with soup (like a traditional french onion soup).

French onion soup

The lobsters were very well prepared mine, which was served in a thermidor sauce had, had the meat taken out of it’s shell and then delicately placed back.

The Other Half’s was served in the shell with the garlic butter grilled into it so, as not to mask the flavour of the Lobster.


The sticky toffee pudding was the only way to end the meal, you could taste the flavour of dates but the sponge was super light.

sticky toffee pudding

Every night there is live music, I was a little bit apprehensive about this but, it really adds to the whole dining experience.

The restaurant also has a £12.95 Sunday roast deal, which features Pork (with crackling) something that we will have to sample soon.

The grill on the square

31-33 East Parade

Blackhouse Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon

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