Getting around Honolulu

Before coming to Honolulu we heard about the KCC farmers market that runs every Saturday morning. So, with a condo empty of all provisions, we made this our first stop.

There was a good mix of stalls selling fresh produce and food to go. We were able to pick up some fruit and veg for the week, the Other Half got some Apple Bananas, so green that they needed a good two days before they were ready to eat.

We wanted to try something a bit different so I went for the sweet potato stick, thinly sliced deep fried purple sweet potato threaded onto a stick before being drenched in a sweet sauce.

Sweet potato stick

The Other Half and I then shared a serving of Dynamite sushi sliders- fresh Ahi on a bed of guacamole with a drizzle of spicy mayonnaise.

Dynamite sliders

Getting to the market was relatively easy, we just took the No.12 bus to Diamond head, the last stop was the market.
We later found out that the Kahala Mall is about 20 minutes on the no. 22 (going towards the Sea Life centre). There you can find the Whole foods supermarket.

For some other essentials we headed to Wal-Mart, again another bus journey (no.13 towards the Ala Mona centre). The journey took us around 20 minutes as there was a lot of traffic.

With the water, clothes and bits and pieces, it was easier to get an Uber back to where we were staying. Our Driver Christopher came in eight minutes and the journey only cost $10. Christopher also gave us a lot of tips on some great places to eat.

For dinner we tried a Teppan restaurant called Jinroku, we sat at the hot plates so that we could watch the chefs at work. They were so pleasant and talkative about the food, the Wakiki area and recommendations on what we should try off the menu.

The Jinroku Takoyaki (Japanese Dumplings) were like little molten fish explosions in your mouth. The Other Half enjoyed his Miso Soup, which was a little bit thicker than what we are used to at home but very flavoursome.

The most popular dish on the night by far had to be the Okonomiyaki pancakes. We watched in awe as the chef rustled them up one after the other throughout the night. I wish I had tried one as they looked delicious.

For our main we had a side of the Kimchi Yaki Soba and the Jinroku Combination- a mix of seafood, steak and vegetables.

We finished up with desserts, I had the Shiratama azuki, the beans are an odd texture combination with the ice-cream, but I absolutely loved it.

The Other Half’s Kuromitsu milk pudding looked delicious, I didn’t get that much of it, which is always a good sign that he enjoyed it.

Had we been in Honolulu a bit longer, we would have definitely gone back as we enjoyed the food and company so much

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