Olympic Food Challenge no.11 Germany- Black Forrest Gâteaux

The Black Forest region (‘Schwarzwald‘) in Germany is essentially known for three distinctive features: its highlands, scenery and woods, the traditional cuckoo-clock, & the typical southern German dessert- ‘Black Forest Gateau’ or ‘Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte‘ ( literally “Black Forest cherry cake”).

When I think of Germany there is only one dessert that springs to mind, my Mummy’s favourite Black Forrest Gateaux .

I did not need that much of an excuse to make this, as the last time I did, for a Clandestine Cake Club meeting it got rave reviews so I knew it would be a winner with my work colleagues.

Making this gâteaux this time did not get off to the best start. My scales had been broken earlier in the week so, I did not have a way to measure out the ingredients so I had to guesstimate.

I am sure this would have been alright were it not for the fact that after pouring the mix into the lined cake tins and placing them in the oven I realised that I had forgotten to put in the butter.

So, I had to start again, this time remembering the butter and with a set of scales on loan from the future MIL. Nothing was going to get in the way of me and the cakes.

I did not soak the bases in Kirsch, on account of it being consumed in the workplace, but if you attempt to make this, you need to add it in.

The three layers were constructed as follows: chocolate ganache, cream and cherries and a top layer of cream.

This was all topped off with the chocolate ganache and then dusted with grated chocolate. It looked perfect- albeit slightly lopsided.

Recipe can be found in the Clandestine Cake Club blog post

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